If Only

If Only
“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”
– Karen Lamb

This day was like any other. I woke up, ate breakfast, made my way to work, rushed for 7 hours, went apartment hunting for a while, came home, made myself dinner and sat down to write this text. But something about this day was extraordinary. Special. This day exactly a year ago I moved to New York City. And because of that little thing, that little detail, and all the random curves and bumps and curious little incidents and wondrous coincidences on the way, my day today wasn’t like any other at all.

First of all I woke up in my bed on the Upper East Side. Next to me was this tall dark handsome stranger who I’m crazily in love with and miraculously dating for the 5th month now. For breakfast I got to have a rare delicacy in these hemispheres – Finnish dark rye bread – and my way to work was spent on the historical NYC subway.  For 7 hours I got to work wandering around a gorgeous Park Avenue skyscraper apartment overlooking Eastern Manhattan and Central Park. During apartment hunting I explored the rather unknown (for me) and very interesting neighborhood of East Village and when I came home after the long day my first thought was – like it is on most days – that I am so incredibly lucky.


It feels absolutely insane that a whole year has passed since I started my adventure, and yet it’s equally insane to think of that girl standing with three huge suitcases and a guitar in front of the loomy hotel staircase in Bowery. So much in my life has changed completely; home, friends, boyfriend, music, free time, knowing the city, connections, finances, life style, diet, training routines, personal style, line of work, interests, views on the world, relationships, laptop, language, address. And yet so much is the same. I am. And although a guitar has been switched to piano, and although sometimes blurry and pushed aside as life drags me into its wonderful adventures, the reason for coming here remains the same. And that’s why on this day I choose to post my first studio recording. Although a simple acoustic track, it’s a little part of me and I sincerely wish that you will like it and share it as much as you can! It might look like a small step, but it’s a step nonetheless – I’m on my way.

Happy first anniversary New York! You’re the one for me.




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